Your Commuter Benefits Program

Enroll in the WageWorks Commuter Benefits Program and watch your savings grow.

This program saves you money by allowing you to pay for your commuting expenses through pretax payroll deductions.

Because the money is deducted before taxes are taken out, you get between 25% and 40% more to spend on your commuting expenses than you would without the program. Full-time commuters typically save between $500 and $1000 a year.

You can enroll at any time. Just go to and click on “Register with WageWorks now!” to complete the enrollment process. Then, just pick from one of the available options and enter your monthly election amount and order.

Popular options include the commuter debit card, home pass delivery or smart card reload, and direct payment to a specific parking provider. Once your order is entered, you can set it to automatically refill each month, or choose to do it yourself manually.

With no fee to join or cancel, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can enroll or make changes throughout the year - there is no open enrollment period. So sign up today to start saving.



The deadline for making changes or canceling is the same as the monthly cutoff date for placing an order set by your employer. To confirm your program’s deadline, log in to your WageWorks account, or check your order confirmation or monthly reminder emails.

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More about the Program

How to Sign Up for your benefits

  1. Log in. Visit to set up your account. If you’re new to WageWorks, click Sign Me Up! to verify your employee status through a few simple questions and create a password.
  2. Sign up. Enroll in the program and choose your transit pass or parking provider - or if you pay to park and ride, choose both.
  3. Sit back. From now on, you’ll get your
    passes in the mail or Commuter Card
    or transit agency smart card
    automatically reloaded. In most
    cases your parking payment will
    also be sent directly to your
    provider. And you never have
    to renew your enrollment.

Your Transit Options

Home Pass Delivery
Paying for your public transportation has never been easier. Just log on to your account at, choose your transit provider and pass type, and the rest is automatic. You’ll receive your transit pass or tickets in the mail every month, in time for the month they’re valid - or your transit agency smart card or other electronic pass will be reloaded automatically.

WageWorks Commuter Card
If you ordered a WageWorks Commuter Card, you can use it to buy your pass or tickets yourself.

  • Funds are automatically loaded onto your Card prior to each benefit month so you can use your benefits whenever you need them.
  • You can check your balance anytime by logging in to your account at
  • The Commuter Card is a good option if your commute changes or you don’t ride transit every day to work.

All other program-related eligibility rules apply, as well as some card-specific requirements.

Your Parking Options

Similar to the transit program, the money to fund your parking program is deducted pretax from your pay each month. The money is then yours to use for any eligible parking expense. Eligible parking expenses under this program include parking expenses at your work location or used to get to work (for example, parking at a train station). See below for the list of parking program payment and/or reimbursement options.

  • Pay My Parking — If you select this option, WageWorks will send your payment to your parking facility before the first day of the month. This is a great option if you are paying for a monthly parking permit.
  • Parking Card — The WageWorks Parking Card works just like a credit card and can be used to pay for your parking costs at parking operators who accept them.
  • Pay Me Back — If you don’t pay for a monthly parking permit or your garage doesn’t accept credit cards, then select this option, then use a Pay Me Back form to get reimbursed.